Idrosan / Transformer Igienizzante
HP washer for sanitization
Industrial h. p. washer. enables a perfect wash, easily, safely and effortlessly. Transformer has been entirely designed, engineered, patented and manufactured in Italy and it is ideal for for continuous use.

• Excellent for sanitizing contaminated surfaces
• Frame set made of chromed steel and cover in thermoformed polystyrene • Up to 8 hours a day
• Great for sanitizing sensitive common areas
Technical data
CODE Model Version Pressure Flow rate Rpm Power
ZX.2668-GTS 1450 200/15 TS Total Stop 200bar 15l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz)


All the technical and safety information of the product can be consulted in the technical documentation of Idrobase Group S.r.l.
For all specific precautions and methods of use of the disinfectant/sanitizing, always consult the technical and safety data sheet of the employed product.
The use of the Transformer Igienizzante with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution requires the user to rinse it after use, following the operations indicated in the instruction manual.

Technical data
  • Frame set made of chromed steel and protected by transparent paint
  • Cover made of thermoformed polystyrene
  • Industrial pump 1450rpm, with crankshaft, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers
  • Electric motor 1450Rpm 50Hz, complete with circuit breaker switch and 5m electric cable
  • Dimensions WxLxH: 815 x 590 x 1042mm
Standard equipment
CdR 80 lance, 900mm
H.p. hose 10m with screw quick couplings
Spray gun PRO1 with ball quick coupling type KW, inlet M22x1.5 M
H.p. nozzle 25° high resolution
optionals / ZX.2668-GTS
Innovative solutions for sanitization and disinfection