Air purifier for indoor environments,
effective against Coronaviruses*

Eliminating 99,5% of pathogens is possible
BKM 3.0 immediately eliminates 99.5% of pathogens as the air passes through the device, in less than a second.

Directly eliminate aero-dispersed pathogens and activate a photo-catalyst made of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, which reduces the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. 

It purifies the air in your rooms without producing ozone, it is designed for use in busy environments.

The Italian National Institute of Health in the COVID-19 report no. 12/2021 states that:
<< ... recent laboratory studies (64) carried out on SARS-CoV-2 (isolated from hospitalized patients) report that UV-C radiation at 254 nm can effectively inactivate the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic ... >>
(translated from the italian report).

BKM 3.0 is equipped with 2 UV-C germicidal lamps, emitting at 254 nm and it has been tested and designed for pathogens that are more resistant than viruses* towards the UV-C effects. It is effective in the purification of Coronaviruse indoor.  

*the ranking of resistance of microorganisms provided by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) identifies bacteria as more resistant to UV-C radiations compared to lipid viruses such as Coronaviruses.
Check how long it takes to purify your room
The operation of a purifier is influenced by many variables:
the size of the room, its attendance, the position chosen for the purifier, the selected speed, etc.

Derived from field studies and based on the fluid dynamics of the room, Simulator is an intuitive use program that allows you to predict on a mathematical basis and clearly represent the performance of the purifier in a real environment, thus guiding the customer in choosing the best position.

Once you have entered the dimensions of the room, the number of doors and windows and all the other necessary variables, Simulator will highlight the contaminated area in red and the purified area in blue, thus obtaining the representation of its effectiveness in space and time.

How was it conceived?
The intent behind this purifier was to create a product that can really improve indoor air conditions.

It has not been tested as usual with viruses and pathogens placed on laboratory slides, these in fact are not  indicative of the real effectiveness of a purifier, since viruses and pathogens move continuously in the air.

BKM 3.0 was specially tested in the actual conditions of use with airborne bacteria, through several experimental campaigns.
Looking for a higher level of efficacy of air purification
10 months of studies in collaboration with K-INN Tech, the Spin-Off company of the University of Padua, have allowed a team of chemical engineers and mechanical and electronic experts to develop this innovative air purifier able to bring the technology of photo-catalysis and the use of UV-C rays to a new level of effectiveness.

In order to achieve this aim, several tests were carried out, accompanied by advanced mathematical modeling.
The choice of technologies and the study of internal geometry.
The coupling of photo-catalysis technology with the germicidal effect of UV-C radiations in a single device has been made possible through experimentation on a laboratory scale, which have allowed to validate a complex mathematical model. 

The internal surfaces, especially shaped and patented, have been located in a way to maximize surface illumination by the UV-C lamps. Furthermore, the photocatalyst was finely distributed over them.

The BKM 3.0 purifies the air without producing ozone and ensuring the containment of UV-C.
The Idrobase Group's Clean Breathing philosophy
Breathe Healthy Air with the BKM® products line means being able to count on a microclimate in which the air is purified by excluding the use of chemicals, protecting both people and the ecosystem from risks and pollution of Pathogens and VOCs.

BKM® 3.0 is included in the range of Air Purifying solutions, standing out for its patented innovative technology.

The Air Purifying, Washing Outdoor and Surface Cleaning solutions are certified to purify any environment and create a clean and healthy microclimate.
    Why to choose BKM® 3.0 
It is effective against Coronaviruses*.

The neutralization of pathogens is very high, considering that the indicated performances refer to the actual abatement in the reduced residence time (<1 second) of the air in the device

BKM® 3.0 has a feature dedicated to limiting successfully the presence of VOCs in the air.

It does not produce ozone, distinguishing itself from many other products on the market.

Simulator will guide you in finding the best BKM® 3.0 positioning.
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