Club del Misting / Motor-pump unit 1x230V 50Hz

Motor-pump unit 1x230V 50Hz

Professional motor-pump unit, pre-assembled and tested, complete with: electric motor 230V 50Hz 1450rpm, crankshaft pump with three ceramic plungers, stainless steel pressure gauge and electric control panel with thermal switch and three-meter power cable.

Technical data
CODE *Nozzles n° Pressure Flow Power Weight
ZX.MTPF60-11 125 70bar 11l/min 2hp (1x230V) 28kg
ZX.MTPF60-2 23 70bar 2l/min 2hp (1x230V) 28kg
ZX.MTPF60-4 45 70bar 4l/min 2hp (1x230V) 28kg
ZX.MTPF60-6 75 70bar 6,5l/min 2hp (1x230V) 28kg
ZX.MTPF60-8 90 70bar 8l/min 2hp (1x230V) 28kg
*The calculation uses nozzles with a flow rate factor of 020
optionals / ZX.MTPF60-2
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