Idrobase / Puliturbo


Professional vacuum cleaner equipped with a motor combined by belt with a turbine.
A practical solution, handy and easy use, suitable for continuous work. Can be used for thorough cleaning of busses, in repair garages, and in combination with machines that carry out machining operations on metal and plastic.
With manual filter shaker on the side.

Technical data
CODE Model n° Motors Waterlift Air flow Drum capacity Filter surface Max power Dimensions WxLxH (mm)
IB.0015 Puliturbo 1 1 - three-stage turbine 2100mm 350m³/h 60L 7000cm2 2,2kW (1x230V-50/60Hz) 1200 x 600 x 1100
IB.0016 Puliturbo 2 1 - three-stage turbine 2630mm 350m³/h 60L 7000cm2 3kW (3x400V-50/60Hz) 1200 x 600 x 1100
optionals / IB.0015
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