Idrosan / A-Spruzzo Extreme
Strong sprayer for heavyduty jobs

The A-Spruzzo Extreme sprayers are designed for most heavyduty jobs.
Ideal for use in external areas, storehouses and offices.
The acid-resistant lance and the seals made of *VITON®, together with a tank that is highly resistant to high pressures, all guarantee the long life of the equipment.
Adjustable swivel nozzle
405mm acid-resistant lance
focus 2 CDR1930-7(0)
High-efficiency pump for minimum effort
Safety valve
focus 1 CDR1930-7(1)
Safety valve with pressure gauge
Technical data
CODE Capacity Pressure range
CDR.1930-10 10L 3bar
CDR.1930-7 7L 3bar
*VITON® is a registered trademark of Dupont
optionals / CDR.1930-7
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