Idrotech / Fog Maker Rino h.p.

Fog Maker Rino h.p.

HP Rino 70bar, the atmosphere purifier. Rino is the new fog cannon to neutralize and suppress the finest dust in the atmosphere (from 0,5 to 2micron). Configurable with different flow rates to meet specific requirements. Ideal for a wide range of applications: suppression and prevention of dust, temperature reduction, odour neutralization, cooling of large outdoor areas and air purification. The jet can reach 30 metres without wind.

Fog nozzle created by Idrobase Group, to generate billions of micro droplets with a diameter of 1,4 to 10micron
Control panel of industrial dust control system Rino
High pressure pumping module at 70bar with flow rate from
11 to 21l/min designed especially for maximum output
Practical remote control to regulate work/pause times as well as rotation and elevation. Range 30m
Technical data
CODE Model Pressure Flow rate Power Weight Dimensions WxLxH (mm)
ZX.8300 RINO HP 70-11 70bar 11l/min 2,5kW (3x400V) 350kg 750 x 1150 x 2400
ZX.8301 RINO HP 70-15 70bar 15l/min 2,2kW (3x400V) 350kg 750 x 1150 x 2400
ZX.8303 RINO HP 70-21 70bar 21l/min 3kW (3x400V) 350kg 750 x 1150 x 2400
Technical data
Pressure: up to 70bar
No. of nozzles: 1 ring with 30 nozzles
Maximum coverage: approx. 1.900m2
Air flow rate: 9.200m3/h
Water flow rate: 4-21l/min
Power absorption: fan 3kW
Power supply: 400 V-50Hz
Protection rating: IP54
Rotation range: 330°
Elevation: -25° +35°
Fan diameter: 450mm
Flow range: approx. 30m
Noise: < 80Lwa
ON/OFF switch
Rotation right/left
Pulse counter for rotation angle programming
Fan start
Start water supply
 (motor-pump/solenoid valves)
Work/pause cycle timer
Operation light with buzzer
optionals / ZX.8300
Remote control
Dosatron dosing pump
Tailor-made misting systems