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Fog Maker Giraffa l.p.

Giraffa, nebulization at high altitude. This fog maker is mainly used to suppress dust. Giraffa uses an industrial atomizing system that shoots billions of small droplets into the air up to 25 metres with a rotation field of 340° through a ring of atomizing nozzles fitted on a powerful fan outlet. Depending on the version, it can reach a maximum 5m height.

Detail of the cannon outlet highlighting two rings of atomising nozzles
Detail of fan installed on the Giraffa mist cannon.
Control panel of industrial dust control system Giraffa
Detail of the pneumatic group of the hydraulic arm.
Technical data
CODE Model Pressure Flow rate Weight Dimensions WxLxH (mm)
ZX.8503 GIRAFFA LP FIXED 115 15bar* 73l/min 210kg 800 x 1000 x 2450
ZX.8504 GIRAFFA LP FIXED 300 15bar* 73l/min 280kg 800 x 1000 x 5100
ZX.8506 GIRAFFA LP MOBILE VERSION 115 15bar* 73l/min 400kg 1920 x 2100 x 2730
ZX.8507 GIRAFFA FIXED LP HYDR. 15bar* 73l/min 600kg 1200 x 2100 x 1900
* The calculation uses the optional pressure pump
Technical data
Pressure: up to 10bar
No. of nozzles (2 rings with 32 nozzles): 64
Maximum coverage: approx. 1.850m2
Air flow rate: 9.300m3/h
Power absorption: fan 3Kw ring heating 0,8Kw
Power supply: 400 V-50Hz
Protection rating: IP65
Rotation range: 340°
Elevation: -20° +45°
Fan diameter: 410mm
Flow range: approx. 25m
Noise: < 93Lwa
ON/OFF switch
Rotation right/left
Pulse counter for rotation angle programming
Fan start
Start water supply 
(motor-pump/solenoid valves)
Work/pause cycle timer
Operation light with buzzer
Nozzles ring heating
Night light
optionals / ZX.8503
Remote control
Pressure pump: the pressure pump is needed to reach the ideal operating pressure of 15bar. Multi-stage vertical electric pump 2,2kW 400V-50Hz 73l/min
Tailor-made misting systems