New solutions 2021 / BKM 900XL
ESE_ZX2330_BKM 900XL


Complete production system of sanitized air.

It is a powerful combination of AHPCO, UV and ionization technologies capable of covering large spaces up to 250 sq. mt.

BKM®900XL are used in thousands of homes and in some of the world’s leading hotels, medical facilities, and resorts.

Patent pending silver plus PCO cell that contains nano sized metals from:
- Silver
- Nickel
- Rhodium
- Copper
- Titanium

These five metals act as a catalyst with the nano sized particles increasing the kinetic rate of reaction.

Broad-spectrum UV light to replicate oxidizing and ionizing benefits created in nature by the sun.

Technical data
CODE Model Air volume (in 24 hours) Effective area (in 24 hours) Ozone level Power supply Power
ZX.2330 BKM 900XL 690m3/ora max 230m2 0,05ppm 100-240V 50/60Hz 15W
Technical data

- Requires no routine maintenance
- Filters never need to be replaced
- AHPCO Cells only needs replacing every two years
- 2 easy to use mounting holes if you’d like to mount to a wall, weighing less than 1Kg.
- Covers up to 250 sq. mt

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