Idrotech / Misting Skid system C

Misting Skid system C

Fine dust suppression with double pump module for alternating cycles. Industrial misting system customized: you can assemble components and accessories, they will be included on different panels according to specific combinations. With electric control panels, designed and manufactured to control the dashboard, to complete the proposed assembled solutions. Equipped with spare pump unit, which is automatically activated in the event of malfunction of the main module

Технические параметры
Код Давление Расход Мощность Размеры (Дл.xГл.xВ.) мм Вес
ZX.3365 70бар 2x6,5л/мин. 2КBт (460B-60Гц) 1520 x 1400 x 1800 280кг
Технические характеристики
Palletized frame, painted by electrophoresis and with outdoor coverage
Double stainless steel filter (5-1microns)
Misting module consisting of two pump modules (one for spare) with stainless steel sides and cover
Electrical panel with programmare for misting lines management
Опции / ZX.3365
Tailor-made misting Systems