Idrobase, always attentive to disinfection and air cleaning issues with its misting systems, offers a complete line of solutions suitable for eliminating bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, from environments and surfaces.
BKD detergents and the BKM devices line are designed for the specific needs of individuals and companies.

BKD detergents are sustainable products aimed at rapidly breaking down antimicrobial activity on a broad-spectrum (99,9% of viruses and bacteria), providing continuous 24-hour protection. They fall 

into the lowest toxicity categories of the countries where they are sold.

BKM electron generators reduce carbon-based contaminants (viruses and bacteria in particular) quickly and effectively, providing fresh, clean and fragrant air in minutes.
These are devices whose technology - developed by NASA - does not use filters, with an advantage in the reduced need for maintenance and strong energy saving


The three BKD detergents, a barrier against bacteria and viruses

BKD detergents are manufactured in two versions: for floors (concentrated version) and multipurpose (both concentrated, and ready-to-use versions with spray dispenser).
Each bottle of concentrated product allow the preparation of 40 x 750 ml dispensers (dilute 25 ml of the product in 750 ml of water).

At the heart of the new generation BKD antimicrobial formula is silver citrate (SC), a natural and non-toxic antimicrobial.
SC guarantees the certainty in the elimination of 99% of viruses (also coronaviruses) and bacteria for a duration of 24 hours (unlike the short-lived action of normal detergents) and the safety given by the non-exposure of human and environment to toxic chemical preservatives commonly used in the market.

BKD detergents eliminate more than 30 particularly harmful germs from the environment and surfaces, including: MRSA, HIV 1, hepatitis B, NDM-1, CRKP, VRE, Acinetobacter baumannii, hepatitis C, Norovirus, E. coli, Influenza A, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria, Rhino Virus, Herpes Simplex Type 1, Polio Type 2, Human Corona Virus, H1N1, Rotavirus and Avian Influenza A
BKM, the Idrobase's electron generators
The BKM devices are a surfaces sanitization unit, able to eliminate the 95% of the viruses, present in the environment in the first 90 minutes of use.
The innovative machinery it also spreads a dense network of molecules (ROS - Reactive Oxygen Species), that disinfects all surfaces and the environment. In fact, through a NASA developed technology (AHMPP), the machine produces a blanket of oxidants which, thanks to the action of light and humidity in the air, activates the decomposition of harmful organic and inorganic substances, preserving only oxygen and hydrogen molecules.
The oxidants produced by the AHMPP system are also lethal to coronavirus, but they do not harm people or pets, as they are not toxic.

This technology, based on the introduction of disruptive particles into the air, is also "green", because it allows significant energy savings, without use highly efficient filters.
BKM mobile, the air purifier that follows you

BKM mobile is an air purifier mobile, compact and versatile, for areas up to 25 m2.

The BMK mobile device is ideal for eliminating up to 99% of bacteria and viruses (even coronaviruses). It also eliminates the odors, carbon-based allergens like smoke, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

This makes it ideal for vehicles, utility rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, RVs, boats, and much more. 

The BMK mobile sanifier has 3 output settings, leaving you in control of your air. The washable stainless steel dust guard never needs replacing.

The BMK mobile uses only 11 Watts of energy, saving you money and saving the environment every day. 

More information on BKM mobile

BKM900X, BKM1500P and BKM2000P. Solutions for all indoor environments

Countertop electron generators in open rooms up to 400 m2.
It is easy to place thanks to its small size and recommended for: great rooms, large commercial spaces, childcare facilities and nurseries, animal clinics, dog houses, restaurants, bars, beauty salons and hotels. This model is also ideal for smaller areas with higher than average contaminant levels.

More informations on BKM900X

Portable electron generators in open rooms up to 500m2.
This model is easy to transport thanks to the integrated handle, light and compact is ideal for on-site cleaning of hotel rooms (especially for rooms occupied by smokers and for molds), for cells seasoning food, warehouses, paints and solvents storage, restaurants, kennels, greenhouses and more.

More informations on BKM1500P

Electron generators for wall or ceiling installation, for open rooms up to 500m2.
Easy to install on the wall or on the optional pedestal, it is ideal for public spaces, in the food industry, locker rooms, dental offices, bars, large kitchens, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens and more.

More informations on BKM2000P

Press review
Press review
Press review on Italian national newspapers on paper and online

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Press release on Ningbo plant reopened thanks to BKM

RAI1 report
The validations obtained by the BKD and BKM
Mérieux NutriSciences Corporation

Provides advanced solutions for nutrition, safety and quality all over the world thanks to its seats in 26 countries and more than 8000 employees in 100 laboratories. 
Mérieux NutriSciences is dedicated to protecting consumers’ health throughout the world, by delivering a wide range of test and consultancy services to the food and nutrition industries. In addition, it also serves companies in the water and environment, agrochemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. 

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe)

The mission of the IZSVe is the preservation of public health, in terms of food safety and prevention of zoonoses, and animal welfare, in terms of animal health and living conditions. It also carries out epidemiological surveillance, control and eradication plans to prevent the spread of diseases.
It is part of a network of 10 institutes with similar functions distributed throughout the Italian territory. The head office is located in Legnaro, near to Padua. The institute also has 10 territorial laboratories located in different provinces of Veneto region. 

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