The philosophy
With an attentive mind toward the issues of health and the environment, Idrobase Group has been able to give prominence, within its company philosophy, to the modern concept of Clean Breathing: through the solutions of Outdoor Air Washing, Indoor Air Washing and Surface Cleaning it is possible to recreate a healthy environment, also free from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.
Clean Breathing means being able to count on a microclimate in which the air is purified and the surfaces are decontaminated by limiting or completely excluding the use of chemicals, protecting both people and the ecosystem from risks and pollution.
Idrobase’s offer combines the focus on safety with the application benefits of its wealth of technological resources: from dust suppression – such as PM2.5 and PM10 – to cooling, odour suppression, humidification and decontamination of surfaces.
Outdoor Air Washing
The outdoor pieces of furniture Enjoy Your Life Night & Day and the nebulization systems (industrial and residential) nebulize sterilized water clear of viruses, bacteria and other threats.
They are designed to cool, humidify or suppress dusts and odours but they always share the same attention to people and the environment: they make corporate commercial, institutional and private context cleaner and healthier, respecting the world that hosts us and while making it more livable.
In the air washing for outdoor the Clean Breathing by Idrobase Group, in the form of always sterilized water, makes use of a safe and certified technology, which emits rays of a wavelength capable of destroying the DNA of harmful microorganisms present in the waters.
Indoor Air Washing
The air purifying BKM line uses the latest technologies for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, mites and other pathogens widespread in the environment.
Different solutions that use or are inspired by natural phenomena such as photocatalysis, anion purification and active oxygen (O3), always trying to provide the greatest benefit without the use of chemical substances and risks for the health
An offer entirely characterized by the attention to an easy use and the design of tools that require little maintenance, for example without filters to be maintained or consumable materials to be re-charged.
Surface Cleaning
The range of solutions for the cleaning and decontamination, sanitization and disinfection of surfaces, in which Idrobase Group boasts thirty years of experience, is designed to meet the needs of cleaning, safety and healthiness in the most different contexts.
The offer in the professional and industrial fields begins with the high performances of high pressure washers, capable of supporting important workloads and clean thoroughly all surfaces without losing efficiency. For the same fields, 24L nebulizers, wheeled and equipped with Manual disinfection kit, are also tools of great practicality and autonomy.
The individual sanitation arches adapts themselves to both companies, institutions and aggregation spaces, granting a nebulization capable of automatically sanitize fabrics without wetting the user entering or exiting.
Always breathe purified air, free from viruses and bacteria.