DUST SUPPRESSION Solutions with excellent quality standards for industrial misting systems
We design misting systems tailored to the needs of the industries, to achieve maximum efficiency and respecting the environment.
To suppress dust effectively you need a project that takes into account the technical aspects: IdroInnova responds to the needs of companies for industrial and large-scale projects.
ENVIRONMENT COOLING Engineering and design services for industrial cooling with misting systems
The problem of industrial cooling is an important issue to take into account. Temperature lowering, thanks to the mist produced by the industrial fogging system, is an essential function.
Creating a project with IdroInnova means combining a deep analysis of the technical specifications of each customer's request with our know-how, always considering the many qualitative parameters. This way each project will be the best in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety.
HUMIDIFICATION Our expertise to design only the best systems currently available for industrial humidification
Our most important goal is to fully satisfy our customers expectations: often humidification is a need for industrial plants.
IdroInnova develops the most appropriate project for fogging systems on an industrial scale, in order to humidify with very high water flow rates. Each application is different and has different needs: with us, you can study a customized application fully integrated with the industrial infrastructure already in place.
ODOR SUPPRESSION The right misting project to suppress odors in the industrial field
We develop projects that can solve the problems of odors suppression in the industrial field. We design misting systems. An effective and decisive solution, thanks to the spray of microscopic droplets, through special nozzles, in the points with unpleasant odors. Often the industrial scraps involve bad odors. Knowing the odor source, we are able to work on a project to realize a misting system to neutralize the specific smell.
Bespoke project for industrial misting systems