Dolly spare parts, the winning solution for building and repairing pressure washers
Dolly Spare Parts is a Club dei Riparatori line that offers customers a vast range of parts for pressure washer pumps that are fully fitting manufacturer parts – parts fitting Lavor pressure washers, components fitting Annovi Reverberi pressure washers, parts fitting Karcher pressure washers, and accessories fitting pressure washers produced by Portotecnica, Interpump, Faip, Bertolini, Kränzle, Leuco and other manufacturers.
Cleaning accessories and parts with unbeatable prices and delivery times
In addition to helping you find pump parts and accessories that are essential for building and repairing pressure washers for any brand on the market, Club dei Riparatori also guarantees the best price. In fact, Dolly pump parts cost an average of 25% less than original parts.
In addition, we respond promptly to all orders, with items shipping within 3 business days of placement, thanks to our automated order management process.
Comfort Line – a line that promotes worker comfort
Try one of our Comfort Line components. These high pressure washer accessories were designed using the most modern ergonomic principles, offering lightweight, practical and easy-to-use products. This line of accessories includes pressure washer spray guns, nozzle holders, quick couplings, lances and connections that can be attached to any hot and/or cold water professional pressure washer.
The benefits of Club dei Riparatori misters
CdR presents the worldwide exclusive Double Life, a 24-litre detergent mister with a tank that has an epoxy plastic interior coating. This isolates the tank from the chemical product and avoids contact with the chemical agents, thus preventing oxidation and rust formation. Thanks to the product's guaranteed longevity, it is highly recommended for professional use in car washes.
Our unmistakable foam lances
CdR offers a complete range of foam lances produced with the highest-quality materials to ensure excellent results and reliability for the end user. The reinforced tank, common to the whole range, is the result of tests that determined the ideal ergonomic balance between the lance jet and the operator's arm; the POM screw thread extends the life of the lances, protecting them from attack by the chemical agents in the products dispensed.
The winning solution to manufacture and repair all kinds of pressure washers