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Idrobase Group offers a complete line of solutions suitable for eliminating bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from environments and surfaces.
The three BKD detergents, a barrier against bacteria and viruses
BKD detergents are manufactured in two versions: for floors (concentrated version) and multipurpose (both concentrated, and ready-to-use versions with spray dispenser).

At the heart of the new generation BKD antimicrobial formula is silver citrate (SC), a natural and non-toxic antimicrobial. 
SC guarantees the certainty in the elimination of bacteria and viruses for a duration of 24 hours (unlike the short-lived action of normal detergents) and the safety given by the non-exposure of human and environment to toxic chemical preservatives commonly used in the market.
BKM, the Idrobase Group's air purifiers
Breathe healthy air with the BKM products line means being able to count on a microclimate in which the air is purified by excluding the use of chemicals, protecting both people and the ecosystem from risks and pollution of Pathogens and VOCs.
Sprayers for every need

Idrobase, with 35 years of experience, has always been committed to providing the pressure water sector with functional tools, for work or DIY needs. 
Durable and ergonomic, its sprayers - already used in car washes for washing alloy wheels, in factories and in body shops - are the most effective tool for disinfecting small areas.

In their variants they are distinguished by capacity, jet adjustments, safety seals or special material treatments.
A complete range for all disinfection needs: from the desk to the garden, from the indoor rooms to the other external appliances of the companies.

ADI The arch for disinfection of people
Disinfection of people and vehicles
Disinfection arches and systems. Tailor-made solutions to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses at the entrance and exit from haunted buildings or areas at risk.
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Fog makers for disinfection
The fog makers are ideal for disinfection of contaminated areas and suppression of fine dust (PM10), in small to medium sized areas such as in renovation of buildings and when handling dusty material. 
Innovative solutions for sanitization and disinfection