Our Quality is certified

In the Idrobase Group, the design, production, sales, testing and checking phases are all characterised by certified quality. 9001:2008 certification regarding quality systems is the recognition

of the professional abilities of the company personnel.
A guarantee for all the professionals, whether customers or suppliers, that we do business with on a daily basis.

We build new solutions and produce one-off pieces
In-depth and methodical research on materials is the basis of the creation of new products that are conceived with priority given to ergonomic and design-based solutions. Whether for high pressure washers or simple accessories, systems for civil or industrial cooling, the well-being of the user is the essential guiding force for building new solutions.

The articles we produce are assembled and tested both electronically and manually with the same precision required by a one-off piece. 
We see our Made in Italy solutions as true masterpieces, and in fact they are patented in a number of markets worldwide.
From Idrobase Group to all the roads of the world
The complete mechanisation of the processes also includes the logistic management of the products. The goods packing and shipping procedures make use of the best tools for accelerating these phases and enabling us to reach our customers, located in more than 90 countries of the world on every continent, as quickly as possible.
The concept of quality also starts from an entirely mechanised 
process that makes it possible to fulfill customers’ orders within a maximum of 3 working days. Our vertical warehouses house more than 10,000 components, accessories and spare parts for machines and systems that, with a simple click, reach the hands of our personnel. So it’s the products that go to find the operator and not vice versa.
Passion for water, the environment is in our DNA
Passion for water has always been the slogan of the Idrobase Group brand.
Starting right from the design phase, we give the maximum attention to creating systems with reduced water consumption, limiting the use of energy to only that which is indispensable. For us, attention to the environment is a natural fact that is renewed with each new solution proposed on the market.

Per noi l’attenzione per l’ambiente è un fatto naturale che si rinnova con ogni nuova soluzione proposta sul mercato.
Idrobase Group,
attention to customers
In a market that is increasingly crowded and competitive, we know that what often makes the difference is the attention given to customers. Constantly listening to each and every customer, we strive to take their advice, criticisms, and even simple observations, attuning to the same wavelength as the needs they express. This listening to our customers is what gives rise to Idrobase Group products, as real solutions to the needs dictated by a market that is increasingly segmented and requires ad hoc responses.
Winning ideas
come from attention to detail
Knowing how to grasp the customers’ needs in order to provide them with winning solutions on the market is the objective we pursue whenever we conceive new products. Our attention to the environment starts in the design phase and continues through the
manufacture and introduction on the market of solution products based on one guiding force: striving for the maximum efficiency. For solutions that limit water and energy consumption to the absolutely indispensable.