Made in Italy solutions for car washes: professional pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and cleaners for car interiors

Idrobase has developed a complete range of products designed specifically for the Car Wash sector. Our Auto Bella line of car wash solutions includes portable or stationary cold water pressure washers and industrial cleaning machines like professional vacuum cleaners, misters, detergents and cleaners for car interiors.

Auto Bella offers customers a complete range of machines for industrial car washes that ensures excellent value for money and a series of accessories and parts from Club dei Riparatori.

Discover the benefits of Auto Bella products:

  • complete range of professional products
  • CdR accessories
  • comprehensive solutions
  • assistance
  • components
Pressure washers for the agricultural and earth moving sectors - choose the best high pressure washers
When selecting the most suitable pressure washers for the agricultural and earth moving sectors, it is  important to realize that, for these applications, the cleaning power of the machine is more important than the power capacity. We therefore recommend purchasing a hot or cold water professional pressure washer with high flow rates.

The Idrobase catalogue includes suitable hot or cold water high pressure washers that remove heavy dirt and offer excellent cleaning performance at a reasonable cost.
Pressure washers for the industrial and auto service sectors – professional pressure washers for efficient cleaning
The products most frequently recommended for industrial and auto service applications are hot water pressure washers, which offer the ability to use heat to thoroughly remove grease, oil and hydrocarbons.

Our catalogue of professional pressure washers offers machines and solutions of all sizes and types to suit the particular industrial setting and power requirements. The pressure and flow rate are normally selected based on the intended use.
Pressure washers for construction: pressure washers for ship, road and building construction
The pressure washers for construction applications feature high performance, with up to 800 bar of pressure, and are ideal for cleaning vehicles and surfaces, as well as removing materials, for example after stripping cement columns. These professional pressure washers are designed for heavy-duty use and/or cleaning facades and historic monuments.

Pressure washers for building, road and ship construction are distinguished from other machines by their high pressure, particularly for removing materials.
Innovative pressure washers