Idrobase Group

Idrobase Group offers an ecosystem made of products, accessories, spare parts and services. A range able to meet all needs of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, nebulization, cooling, furnishing for outdoor and dust and odours suppression. An irreplaceable resource in making spaces, indoor and outdoor, clean and livable. IDROBASE GROUP is made of seven divisions, specializes and in constant dialogue with each other: IDROSAN collects a set of systems and products aimed at eliminating viruses and bacteria effectively and practically;

IDROTECH’s mission is to product industrial and residential systems for the nebulization; CLUB DEL MISTING provides the global market with spare parts and components suitable for all misting systems; IDROINNOVA designs misting systems suitable, by type and scale,  for industries; IDROBASE produces industrial and professional hot and cold high pressure washers; CLUB DEI RIPARATORI responds to the request of components or replacement parts for any type of high pressure washer; ENJOY YOUR LIFE NIGHT AND DAY furnishes, lights, heats and cools gardens and commercial dehors with sterilized water.

A strong, dynamic and user-friendly company
…can only devote its effort to the world around itself. And Idrobase Group’s activity is in summary to make available technological solutions for the cleaning of air and contaminated surfaces. The air washing is obtained through nebulizations so fine as to suppress also PM2.5 and PM 10, and thanks to air purifiers which don’t use chemical substances.The contaminated surfaces cleaning instead is obtained thanks to high pressure washers and safe detergents, which eliminate viruses, bacteria and parasites for the interested surfaces.Making business, commercial, institutional and private contexts cleaner and healthier means respecting the world that hosts us and making it more livable.
The pocket multi-national 
Idrobase Group’s is an extensive and diversified offer that meets demanding quality standards in all its forms.A result obtained thanks to the peculiar way of understanding business; thinking of any solution according to the well-being of the user.
And this means: bringing a concrete well-being in the user’s life, thanks to the healthiness of the air and surfaces; creating ergonomic and design devices for both pleasure of use and an aesthetic one; having an attention for the client so rooted, in the operational practises of the technical and commercial staff, as to anticipate the needs which are widespread with unique tools; guaranteeing a certificate quality, as a seal of the trust that binds Idrobase Group to it customers, wherever they are around the world.

IBG: the history

Since 1986 we have been building the future by living intensely in our present, designing strategies for looking ahead, creating lines and new solutions with the user's well-being in mind, protecting the environment, saving water and energy.
We export Made in Italy worldwide
The continuously expanding Idrobase Group is headquartered in Italy, in the town of Borgoricco, just a short distance from Padua and Venice. From here we ship Made in Italy solutions out to 90 countries throughout the world. Our constantly expanding manufacturing and commercial group has production plants in
Ningbo (China), Bangalore (India), Moscow (Russia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in order to develop these four large markets. 
In 2013 we also inaugurated IBG Car Wash in Ningbo. This is the first No Touch Auto Bella car wash of franchising chain developed throughout the world with an adjacent café/restaurant that offers only Italian products.
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