Hp misting line made of stainless steel for greenhouses
Discover all the advantages of a professional misting system for perfect high-quality misting for greenhouses, garden centers, horticultural and floricultural production. This stainless steel misting systems have become the standard when it comes to equipment for climate control inside greenhouses. Thanks to the systems that control the climate productivity in the greenhouses has increased significantly. Club del Misting misting systems represent a revolutionary system in the climate control for greenhouses, and allow the creation of a tailor made system, specifically designed for the humidification and cooling of greenhouses.
The secret behind our nebulization process
The success in the effective performance of Idrotech nozzles lies in the internal piston. When the water passes through the nozzle, the latter vibrates at high frequency to diffuse the atomized water: the delivered droplets are tiny, with a diameter from 10 to 15 micron. These droplets have the special property of dissolving into the air thereby cooling the surrounding environment without getting any persons, objects or surfaces wet.
To complete this impressive performance is the prolonged lifetime of the nozzles produced and sold by Idrotech.
Quick couplings and polyamide lines: guaranteed efficiency
With longstanding experience gained in the production of fog systems, we dedicate special attention to the production of polyamide pipe line and relative quick couplings.
The processes for the production of polyamide hose and quick couplings go hand in hand, as if producing a single part, so as to guarantee unrivalled reliability. The polyamide pipelines are a solution strictly Made in Italy, enabling the utmost versatility in configuration.
Quick assembly and practical applications complete the features of this product, where high quality represents a promise of efficiency.

The winning solution to repair all kinds of misting system