Transformer PLUS
Surface cleaning
Idrobase Group dedicates an extensive and complex range of solutions to washing surfaces: from the constructional solidity of high-pressure washers - such as Transformer Plus, Roccia 2.0 and Coccinella 2.0 - to the practicality of nebulizers equipped for disinfection; from the innovative equipment for car washing, such as double lances, to the effectiveness of the single-dose concentrated detergent Schiuma Facile.
ZX.8416 Fog maker FALCO
Air washing
Air washing enables different applications in disinfection, dust suppression, odor suppression, and humidification.
Idrobase Group has a high-tech catalog characterized by professional performance and ease of use: from the fight against pathogens to the PM2.5 and PM10 elimination to the humidification of work and commercial areas.
From fog makers for large areas, such as Falco and Rino, to those for small spaces or closed environments, such as Lince 4L and Elefantino DOS.
Particularly popular are the arches for individual sanitation, such as ADI Blu and the air purifiers of the BKM line. 
The innovations of Idrobase to anticipate the future and give certainties to the present