A new style to furnish gardens and any outdoor space for use and pleasure, featuring Made in Italy design
We offer an exclusive line of furnishings, with accessories that let you comfortably enjoy the outdoors. These captivating design elements light the surrounding area and offer a convenient table. Enjoy Your Life – Night & Day is a line that fully covers your needs.

These patented products are designed and manufactured in Italy. Elevating functional products to the status of elegant designer furniture accessories, they light up nights and cool down or warm up days.
Lights that brighten your environment. With Enjoy Your Life, nights are enlivened with a play of shapes and lights
Discover how important is it to have a product that both furnishes and lights the setting.

Decorate your outdoor space in a stunning way. Enjoy Your Life furnishings offer high-quality lighting with a contemporary look. The flair of the design, Made in Italy quality and exceptional finishes make these products the focal point of your settings.
Enjoy the outdoors year-round, thanks to heating
Turn on comfort with a surge of heat that makes the outdoors more enjoyable.  The products provide heat immediately to offer the warmth you desire, even on the coldest days and nights.
A single line of products that can be used as needed. When the temperatures drop, these products supply heat so that you can spend time outdoors in complete comfort.
Create your oasis of comfort with patented Enjoy Your Life products.
The Enjoy Your Life products have a misting cooling system that sprays microscopic water droplets into the air, creating a refreshing cloud. As the atomized water falls towards the ground, it evaporates without wetting people or objects and noticeably reduces the temperature in the surrounding area. The beneficial effect of the misting cloud neutralizes odours, reduces dust and repels insects.
The Smoking Oasis - discover the benefits of a line designed for smokers
The Smoking Oasis line was designed to combine the main structure of our products with the needs of smokers.

Create an oasis where your customers can smoke outside of your cafe or restaurant. It offers the perfect outdoor area, providing lighting, as well as heat when it is cold and cooling when it is hot.
Enjoy Your Life Night & Day