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H.p. pumps LS,FS,FS2,TS series - Idrobase

The LS and FS2 series pumps can be applied directly to all types of electric motors with hollow shaft. These pumps have the very important feature of reversibility, allowing rapid transformation from right to left pump. Solid shaft ø24mm.

Technical data
CODE Model Pressure max Rpm Flow rate Shaft Weight
CDR.5000 LS 140-11 140bar 11l/min 4hp max RH 6,1kg
CDR.5001-2 FS2 150-15 150bar 1450 15l/min RH 8,3kg
CDR.5003-2 FS2 150-21 150bar 1450 21l/min RH 8,8kg
CDR.5004 TS 250-26 250bar 26l/min 16,5hp max RH 20kg
CDR.5005 TS 170-42 170bar 42l/min 18hp max RH 20kg
CDR.5006 TS 200-33 200bar 33l/min 17hp max RH 20kg
CDR.5012 LS 140-8 140bar 8l/min 3hp max RH 6,1kg
IT.4001 LS 117-13 117bar 1450 13l/min RH 6,2kg
IT.4007 LS 140-8 140bar 1450 - 2800 4,1l/min - 8l/min Dx 6,2kg
IT.4009 FS2 200-18 200bar 1450 18l/min RH 8,8kg
IT.4027 LS 2 100bar 2l/min 0,8hp max RH 6,2kg
IT.5017 LS 140-8 140bar 1450 - 1750 6,5 - 8l/min Dx 6,2kg
optionals / IT.4007
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