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O3 Car Purifier

Sanitize and purify your car. O3 Car Purifier is particularly suitable for sanitising and deodorising cars and vans. With its power to destroy the concentrations of fungi, mites, bacteria, and viruses and the molecules perceived by the sense of smell in general, ozone is well known for its sanitizing and deodorizing properties.

Depending on the dimensions of the space to be treated and the conditions of odour pollution, the duration of the treatment can be chosen between: 20, 40, 60 and 120 minutes
When the battery is completely discharged, it takes about 12 hours to fully recharge
The battery is designed to last for about eight hours of treatment
Caution: always keep people and animals out of the space during treatment.
Technical data
CODE Model Ozone Generator Battery Electrical Power Electrical Supply Dimensions
CDR.1761 O3 CAR PURIFIER 100mg/h 12V-7Ah - Lasts 8h continuous 10W 12Vdc 80 x 160 x 150mm
optionals / CDR.1761
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