Idrosan / BKD-BLUE Concentrated floor cleaner sanitizer
BKD-BLUE concentrate

BKD-BLUE Concentrated floor cleaner sanitizer

Safe from viruses and bacteria for 24 hours

The new generation
of antimicrobial natural patented worldwide.

BKD® is a colorless,
odorless sanitizer for use
on hard non-porous
and environmental surfaces, including food contact surfaces.

Non-toxic / Low Foam /
Environmentally responsible formula / No rinse

BKD® Concentrate should be used in concentrations
of 25 ml to 750 ml of water (see dosing bottle) with a reaction time
of 5 minutes: wipe with a clean cloth or paper. In problematic
cases contaminated with biofilm, apply BKD® to the surface until thoroughly wet for 2 minutes. Do not rinse, this will allow a 24-hour coverage by microbiological attack.
Concentrate Duration: 2 YEARS
BKD Purple must be diluted 1 in 100 before usage.
Technical data
CODE Model Description Size Diluition
PU.BKD-B-1 BKD Blue Floor cleaner sanitizer concentrate 1L 1/60 to 1/120*
*read the instruction on the product label
optionals / PU.BKD-B-1
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