Idrotech / Fog 25 Temporizzato
Simple and effective
Thanks to our research and continuous expansion in the sector, the Kit Fog 25 Temporizzato system represents the customised solution for fogging systems. A pre-assembled Made in Italy system: to create a cooled environment in your favourite outdoor areas.
Pump free of maintenance
Keeps mosquitoes away
Technical data
CODE Model Flow rate No. of Nozzles* Power Pressure Dimensions Weight
PC.F25-T Fog 25 18l/h 12 125W 20bar 200x400x150mm 10kg
*The maximum number of nozzles has been calculated using a nozzle with flow rate 0,15l/min. (MT.154C-RB35)
Technical data
Water filter with SS cartridge
Thermal protection fuse
Solenoid valve 3-way for pressure discharge
Built-in analogue timer:
Work 1/60 seconds/Pause 1/60 seconds
Slip-Lock inlet ø10mm
Slip-Lock outlet ø6,35mm
optionals / PC.F25-T
Tailor-made misting systems