Idrotech / Fog Eco
Technical data
CODE Model *No. of nozzles Pressure Flow rate Power absorption Weight
ZX.5090 FOG ECO 1 22 60bar 0,9l/min 200W (1x230V-50Hz) 15kg
ZX.5095 FOG ECO 05 11 60bar 0,5l/min 125W(1X230V-50Hz) 15kg
*The maximum number of nozzles has been calculated using a nozzle with flow rate 15 (0,042l/min) at 60bar
Technical data
Frame made of galvanised plate
Motor-pump 1420Rpm, 230V-50Hz with axial pump 2 plungers
Thermal protection against current surge
Built-in analogue timer, pause from 0 to 60 seconds/work from 0 to 60 seconds
Unloader valve
L.p. pressure switch for lack of water
Automatic anti-drip system
Dimensions WxLxH: 41 x 26 x 26mm
Inlet 1/2" M
Slip-Lock outlet ø6,35mm
optionals / ZX.5095
Water inlet kit, 5”, G1/2” M-F, complete with pressure stabiliser, 3 string-wound cartridge of 5micron
Tailor-made misting systems