Idrotech / FOG EXTRA



Compact and versatile. The most compact and versatile solution to cool, create fog effects, humidify, suppress dust and odours in small and medium sized areas. Wide variety of accessories and types of lines configurable as required. The new control panel enables rapid and precise settings of work times and management of any optional sensors connected.

NEW SAFETY SYSTEM: in the event of pipe breakage on the fog nozzle lines, the system automatically shuts down to prevent flooding where the lines are installed

Fog module 60bar from 6 to 137 nozzles 50Hz
Optional, with Idrobase inlet water kit: 2-year warranty
Fog Extra Controls
Technical data
CODE Model Pump *No. of nozzles Max pressure Flow rate Power Weight
ZX.FL-05 Fog Extra 05/60 axial pump with 2 pistons 6 60bar 0,5l/min 125W (2x230V 50Hz) 15Kg
ZX.FL-1 Fog Extra 1/60 Axial pump with 2 pistons 12 60bar 1l/min 200W (2x230V 50Hz) 15Kg
ZX.FL-11 Fog Extra 11/60 Crankshaft pump with 3 pistons 137 60bar 11l/min 1500W (3x400V 50) 35Kg
ZX.FL-2 Fog Extra 2/60 Axial pump with 3 pistons 25 60bar 2l/min 720W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 30Kg
ZX.FL-4 Fog Extra 4/60 Axial pump with 3 pistons 50 60bar 4l/min 950W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 30Kg
ZX.FL-6 Fog Extra 6/60 Axial pump with 3 pistons 70 60bar 6l/min 1180W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 30Kg
ZX.FL-8 Fog Extra 8/60 Crankshaft pump with 3 pistons 100 60bar 8l/min 1500W (3x400V 50) 35Kg
* The maximum number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate factor 020 (0,082l/min) a 60bar
Technical data
Frame in painted steel sheet
Electric pump 1450Rpm, 230V-50/60Hz
Unloader valve
LP solenoid valve 230V-50Hz, inlet water
HP solenoid valve 230V-50/60Hz, to discharge the HP line
Electrical panel complete with: ON/OFF thermal cutout, electronic board for management of anti-drip and timer system
Pause/work time programming
Dimensions WxLxH: 600 x 300 x 300mm
Slip-Lock inlet ø10mm
Slip-Lock outlet ø9,6mm
HP pressure switch due to lack of water and tube rupture
optionals / ZX.FL-05
Pressure gauge kit in AISI 304 stainless steel, ø63mm, 1/4" M, 0-160bar
Water supply Kit, comprising 3m Rilsan d.10 hose with quick male-female connector 3/4" F automatic coupling, piper outer ø19mm
Water inlet kit 5" complete with pressure stabiliser, G1/2" M-M, complete with: string-wound filter cartridge of 5mcr, tightening spanner and fixing bracket
Confezione 15 pezzi cartucce di ricambio: 5" - 5 mcr
Tailor-made misting systems