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Inflatable arch for people sanitizing

ADI Blu is a modular nebulization system, used for the hygiene of people entering and exiting sensitive areas.

How the system works
When the person passes by, the system will be activated via the foot control. The person who passes through the arch is affected by the complete nebulization without being wet.
The micro drops, 10 micron, penetrate inside the pores of the person’s clothes during the passage, promoting the killing of any pathogen present.
Technical data
CODE Model N° of nozzles Pressure Flow rate Drop size Drives with 50L tank Power Dimensions Weight
ZX.2149-BL ADI BLU 10 60bar 0,7l/min 10mcr ~920 200W (220V-50Hz) (L)3550x800x(H)3150; (L1)9550x800x(H1)2350 35kg


  • All the technical and safety information of the product can be consulted in the technical documentation of Idrobase Group S.r.l.
  • For all specific precautions and methods of use of the disinfectant/sanitizing, always consult the technical and safety data sheet of the employed product.
  • The use of the Adi with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution requires the user to rinse it after use, following the operations indicated in the instruction manual.
Technical data
- 10 nozzles
- 450 drives with 50L tank
- Pressure 60bar
Standard equipment

Il kit comprende:

- inflatable arch
- line kit: polyamide pipe kit (PA 125r), diameter ø9.6mm, rolls of 3m, black, with n°10 AISI 303 nozzles + anti-drip valve, 0,20mm hole
pump unit, mono-phase electro pump, 60 bar, 2 plungers, 0,7l/min
- electric control system with operating time programmer
- liquid suction kit from the tank, with float valve for the automatic stop.
- tank: 50 liter tank for product to be nebulized ready for use.
- polyamide pipe kit, diameter ø9.6mm, rolls of 100m, black.
- foot control

optionals / ZX.2149-BL
Idro Safe 25L
Idro Safe - 25L. Disinfectant and antibacterial product of medical surgical device grade
BKD Purple
BKD®-Purple 10L. Sanitizer concentrate
The innovations of Idrobase to anticipate the future and give certainties to the present
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