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Mist Fan VentoFresco

Ventilated misting system for farms and greenhouses.

Mist Fan VentoFresco is a nebulization device that generates an air flow with a 130cm fan and a cloud of fog, made up of millions of tiny droplets, through 8 nozzles.
Powered by the Fog 70 Extra module, it is suitable for all types of breeding farms and greenhouses.
Configuration example
Stables/Sheds with 18 fans (example)
Application suggestion
Technical data
CODE Model Misting system pump flow rate Air circulator Water inlet kit H.p. outlet kit for 4 lines Temperature probe Humidity probe H.p. polyamide pipe Pipe quick coupling, “Tee” Rubberised SS pipe clamp Tube cutter
ZX.KV12-G MIST FAN VENTOFRESCO 8l/min 12pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 2pcs 11pcs - 1pcs
ZX.KV18-G MIST FAN VENTOFRESCO 11l/min 18pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 2pcs 16pcs - 1pcs
ZX.KV24-G MIST FAN VENTOFRESCO 15l/min 24pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 3pcs 22pcs - 1pcs
ZX.KV30-G MIST FAN VENTOFRESCO 18l/min 30pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs 3pcs 28pcs - 1pcs
Standard equipment

- FOG 70 EXTRA misting system pump
- 51” air circulator, 230V 50/60hz. AISI 304 stainless steel ring, complete with anti-drip nozzles, AP filter and slip-lock connector for d. 9,6mm pipe.
- 10” water inlet kit complete with pressure stabiliser, support bracket, 5 and 1mcr stringwound cartridges, connection hose, tightening spanner and spare cartridges (5+5 pcs)
- H.p. outlet kit for 4 lines, ø9,6mm
- Temperature probe (for standard thermostat), with 20m cable
- Humidity probe 4:20 mA (for standard humidstat), with 20m cable
- H.p. polyamide pipe, ø9,6mm, rolls of 100m, black
Pipe quick coupling, “Tee”, in nickel-plated brass, ø6.35mm
- Rubberised SS pipe clamp, for polyamide pipe and AISI 304 SS pipe fixing ø6.35mm
Tube cutter for polyamide pipe ø2-12mm

* Check the chart above to know the quantities and the flow rate of the misting system pump.

optionals / ZX.KV12-G
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