Idrotech / Fog Maker Elefante 90 on Shelf
Elefante 90 on Shelf
3 rings of nozzles

Fog Maker Elefante 90 on Shelf

Fan jet 90m, 135 nozzles, maximum flow rate 50l/min

Fan jet 90 meters. It nebulizes droplets of 18/20 microns, the ideal diameter for agglomerating even the finest dust such as PM10 and PM2.5, thanks to 135 nozzles with a pressure of 90 bar.

- Can be positioned at any height
- Easy and intuitive touch screen
- Available version with mechanical proportional dispenser 0.2-2%
- Also suitable for indoor areas

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Electrical panel and fog module
fog module
Technical data
CODE Model Pressure Flow rate Drop size Power (3x400V-50Hz) Weight Preventive maintenance 750 hrs (standard) Preventive maintenance 1500 hrs (optional) Code version with dispenser
ZX.8588 ELEFANTE 90 ON SHELF 75bar 50l/min 20mcr 25kW 540Kg ZX.75IP11 ZX.150IP11 ZX.8588-DOS
ZX.8594 ELEFANTE 90 ON SHELF 80bar 42l/min 20mcr 25Kw 540Kg ZX.75IBG07 ZX.150IBG07 ZX.8594-DOS
ZX.8595 ELEFANTE 90 ON SHELF 80bar 33l/min 18mcr 25kW 540Kg ZX.75IBG06 ZX.150IBG06 ZX.8595-DOS
Technical data
  • Frame: hot-dip galvanized steel. Sensitive components with epoxy powder coating
  • Electrical panel: complete with PLC with cyclic timer, weekly programmer, swing pulse counter, fan start and flashing light with buzzer
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Hydraulic connection kit: 20m
  • Electric cable kit: 20m
  • Remote control (optional): with range up to 90m

    Fan technical specifications

  • Nozzles: 135 in 3 rings (45 each)
  • Coverage: 24.000m2
  • Air flow rate: 33.500m3/h
  • Fan power absorption: 18,5kW
  • Fan jet: 90m (laboratory measurements under static environmental conditions of maximum efficiency)
  • Power supply: 3x400V – 50Hz
  • Rotating range: 340° Automatic
  • Elevation: -15° + 45° Automatic
  • Fan diameter: 710mm
  • Noise: <93LwA

    Pump technical features

  • Maximum working pressure: 90bar
  • Professional pump: 1450rpm, rod movement, brass head, 3 ceramic pistons
  • Electric motor: 1450rpm 6,3Kw
  • Integrated by-pass valve
  • High pressure switch
  • Shut-off solenoid valves
  • Sterilising lamp
  • Preventive maintenance kits available
  • Models available with mechanical proportional dispenser 0.2-2% (see specific code)
  • Filtering: 50µm
  • Water inlet pressure regulator
  • High pressure filtration at 10μm

swing pulse counter, fan start and flashing light with buzzer 

optionals / ZX.8595
ZX2322 Kit analisi durezza
Water hardness analysis kit
Mechanical proportional dispenser 0,2-2% kit with tank
12 keys remote control equipped with relay transmitter and receiver for Fog Maker Elefante
Tailor-made misting systems