Idrobase is born
The history of Idrobase Group starts in 1986 from the combination of Bruno Ferrarese’s sole trader, a commercial company for the resale of high pressure washers, and Bruno Gazzignato’s sole trader, a service company for the maintenance of hp washers, both brought to Idrobase Srl their storage products and service vans. The market evolution has led the development from a manufacturer to a distributor.
Bella: the cleaning best friend
Idrobase strategy is to penetrate the private market with a tailor made product to meet customer needs. Here comes Bella, the first private label h.p. washer designed for the hobby market.
Idrotech customised misting systems helps the world breathe better
Founded as Idrobase industrial division, Idrotech soon becomes a leading manufacturer of misting industrial systems. Thanks to Idrotech high pressure fog machines the water is nebulised through special fog nozzles firing in the air droplets (8-15 microns) of pressurized water up to 120bar, creating a fog effect and allowing: dust suppression, temperature reduction, cooling outdoor areas, odour neutralization, humidification and disinfection.
Club dei Riparatori: thousands of articles for building and repairing any high pressure washer
New selling stategies and customers' managment are applied with Club dei Riparatori establishment. The problems of the repairing phase become a brand new business segment. This is the reason why IBG starts specialized maintenance centers, to create a service that solves the problems and at the same time increase customers satisfaction.
Dolly Spare parts: from the fix everything Club
Dolly Spare parts for pumps were inspired by Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned. The dedicated brand can help you find the best fitting spare parts for pumps. Thousands of Made in Italy products essential to build and repair any pressure washers on the market, but with the lowest price guaranteed.
Stella is the essential professional h.p. washer to make the maintenance easier
In a time when the market is becoming increasingly controlled by large multinationals, IBG designs Stella. A pressure washer developed on the basis of the experience gained in over 10 years of cleaning sector trading. In Idrobase Group we are assembling the best of Made in Italy looking only to the best quality.
A fan system mixed with a nebulization system to make the best-performing solution
Fog 60 Ventilato is the first fog module engineered to work with extreme temperatures. The beginning of a wide range of misting and cooling systems that solve outdoor cooling issues.
Double quality for a double life
Thanks to Double Life nebulizers introduction Idrobase soon becomes one of the top producers in the nebulizers industry. The stainless steel tank features an internal epoxy coating: so that the detergent does not undergo any alteration.
Fog Maker power fighting for dust suppression
Idrotech fog cannon action can reach considerable range and distances. You can direct the misting action and suppress dust in mines, quarries, construction sites and industrial centers.
IBG Group: one customer, one market
Here it comes the awareness of the group strength. Different companies and brands are merged into one big group: Idrobase Group. A new strategy to face everything as a single entity.
Enjoy your Life - Night & Day
An unexpected eureka moment during a swim at the pool. A unique idea: create one product with features never put together before. So Enjoy your Life - Night & Day is created, the outdoor furniture line that furnishes, illuminates, warms and refreshes. Everything with the unmistakable Made in Italy style.
New Fog Maker ATEX 50bar h.p.
Idrotech Fog Maker catalogue introduces the New Fog Maker ATEX 50bar, among the industrial systems mainly used for dust suppression. This brand new Fog Maker is specifically designed for zones subject to the risk of explosion such as in the presence of carbon and sulphur dust.
Piuma is the new car wash foam lance: to work lightly
Piuma is used for sanitizing foaming detergent dispensing. This foam lance is suitable for use with high pressure washers and centralized systems for high pressure washing. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, aluminum and POM, lighter and with different foam density levels, to ensure the maximum reliability and durability.