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Sucking pump

Sucking pump set, complete with 3m h.p. hose for connection to the h.p. washer, inlet M22x1,5 M and 5m suction hose. Ideal for draining water tanks, max 2,5m below level of h.p. washer, also for dirty water. Works by means of Venturi system. The nozzle at the top creates a depression that sucks up the liquid. Average flow rate 18 times the rate of the inlet water.

Technical data
CODE Angle Flow rate
ZX.0612 *Without nozzle *Without nozzle
ZX.0613 040
ZX.0614 045
ZX.0615 050
ZX.0616 055
*To be used with nozzle 1/4" NPT-M, angle 0°
optionals / ZX.0612
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