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Anti-ice kit for Fog 70

Protect your misting system from ice This device has been designed to automate the emptying process of the spray lines during particularly cold periods. Simply connect the anti-ice kit to your fog module and to a compressed air line.Thanks to the thermostat in the system, when the temperature drops below the set value, the fog line emptying system is activated. This prevents the formation of ice in the circuit.

It can be combined with Fog 70 modules and Fog H24.
Technical data
CODE Working pressure Power supply Dimensions Flow rate Weight
ZX.0109-AG 70bar 230V 500x300x550mm Up to 42l/min 19kg
Technical data
Structure in aluminium painted
Power supply 230V-50/60 Hz
Air inlet D.10
Water inlet G1/2" M
Water outlet G1/2" M
optionals / ZX.0109-AG
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