Club del Misting / Dosing pumps
Mechanical proportional dispenser 0,2-2%

Installed in the water system, uses water pressure as the only driving force.
Thus activated, it sucks out the concentrated product, doses it according to
the needed percentage and then homogenizes it in the mixing chamber with
the driving force water. The solution then flows out of the dispenser.

The dose of the product is always proportional to the volume of water
passing through the dosing pump, regardless of flow rate and pressure

Electromagnetic dosing pump with microprocessor: max flow rate 2l/h,

max working pressure 7bar, manual flow adjustment from 0
(no operation) to 100% of the maximum flow, standard power supply

100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz, outer plastic enclosure made of PP, IP 55 protection
degree, pump head with manual priming valve, pre-setting for level sensor
connection (no product)

The winning solution to repair all kinds of misting system