Club del Misting / Fan 360° PANORAMA


Nebulising device that creates an air flow with a fan and by means of 8 nozzles, a could of mist made up of millions of miniscule droplets. Especially recommended for industrial applications such as in sheds, breeding farms, medium sized areas for diffusion of humidity.

Technical data
CODE Model Fan jet Air flow rate Nozzles n° Maximum power Speed n° Power supply Maximum coverage
ZX.5005-14 Panorama 4m 600m3/h 8 FP20 100W 1 230V-50Hz 70m2
Technical data
Structure in aluminium painted
Ring in stainless steel in 1/4" F with 8 nozzles
Galvanised steel fan
Made in Italy
Coverage area of approximately 70m2
optionals / ZX.5005-14
The winning solution to repair all kinds of misting system