Club del Misting / Mist Fan 20"

Mist Fan 20"

Mist Fan 20”- 51,5cm, axial, 3-speed, complete with bracket for wall mounting, colour RAL 9003 white, 60° swinging, power cable length 2.2m, air flow rate 2.940m3/h. Recommended installation at a height of more than 2,5m above ground level, away from heat sources with temperatures above 70°C, connected to a circuit breaker power line

Technical data
CODE Model Maximum coverage Fan jet Speed n° Air Flow rate Nozzles n° Maximum power Power supply
ZX.5064-14 Mist Fan 20'' 40m2 6m 3 2940m3/h 6 FP15 74W 230V-50Hz
optionals / ZX.5064-14
The winning solution to repair all kinds of misting system