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Axial motorpumps

Axial motorpump 3 ceramic pistons, integrated unloader valve, brass head, electric motor 1450Rpm

Technical data
CODE Model Max pressure Flow Power Weight
PC.FE-02 Motorpump ECO 1/60 60bar 1l/min 200W (2x230V 50Hz) 6,2kg
PC.FE-05-02 Motorpump ECO 05/60 60bar 0,5l/min 125W (2x230V 50Hz) 5,7kg
W.7301.0438 Motorpump AX 1/60 60bar 1l/min 700W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 20kg
W.7301.0439 Motorpump AX 2/60 60bar 2l/min 720W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 20kg
W.7301.0440 Motorpump AX 4/60 60bar 4l/min 950W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 20kg
W.7301.0441 Motorpump AX 6/60 60bar 6l/min 1180W (2x230V 50/60Hz) 20kg
optionals / W.7301.0438
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