Idrobase / Kit Life Car

Kit Life Car

The dosing system for Car Washes,self-service and automatic washing, bus and truck washing.
Ideal for introducing detergents and waxes into the water stream for cleaning vehicle bodies, alloy wheels, motors and mechanical parts.

Technical data
CODE Model % dosing Concentrated product consumption Pressure Flow rate
ZX.1707-A Light Car from 0,2 to 2 0,02 to 50l/h 0,3 to 6bar 10 to 2500l/h
ZX.1708-A Extreme Car from 0,4 to 4 0,1 to 125l/h 0,3 to 6bar 10 to 2500l/h
Technical data
Operating principle
The Life Car dosing system, directly connected to the water supply line, uses the water pressure to activate the dosing system, sucks the concentrated product and mixes it with water according to the required percentage (which can be set by the operator). The resulting solution is sent to the lines connected to the system.

The Life Car dosing system is completely mechanical, guaranteeing precision and regularity.

Life Car advantages
The easiest and most convenient method for professional washing
Reduction of personnel costs and time required
Reduction of maintenance costs
Extreme precision in concentrated product dosing
No risk of dosing errors
Less product wasted
Standard equipment
1 pressure reducer
1 10" filter, with washable cartridge 50microns + pressure gauge
1 Dosatron
1 PVC ball valve for line closing
1 suction hose for chemicals
10m PVC hose
1 gun with 600mm SS lance
1 stainless steel nozzle, ang. 110°, flow rate 030
optionals / ZX.1707-A
Innovative pressure washers