Idrobase / Gaia
Technical data
CODE Model Pressure Flow rate Rpm Power Weight
2.9010 GAIA 120* 120bar 6l/min 2800 1.6kW(1x230V-50Hz) 16kg
2.9011 GAIA 140** 140bar 7l/min 2800 2.0kW(1x230-50Hz) 17kg
Technical data
Ÿ Electric motor 2800Rpm, 230V-50Hz with thermal protection valve and Easy Start device
Ÿ Total Stop device
Ÿ Pump head made of aluminium
Ÿ 3 plungers made of hardened steel
Ÿ Dimensions WxLxH: 310 x 310 x 820mm
Standard equipment
Ÿ H.p. hose 6m (*), 8m (**)
Ÿ Spray gun w/extension
Ÿ Extension lance with quick coupling
Ÿ Variable angle nozzle
Ÿ Rotating nozzle (**)
Ÿ Detergent foam lance
optionals / 2.9010
Double lance with screw quick coupling M22x1,5 M
Stylo foam lance with screw quick coupling M22x1,5 M CDR.7111
ZL1X865L Lancia Doppia Piuma_600x600
Innovative pressure washers