Idrobase / Motor-pump unit

Motor-pump unit

Professional motor-pump unit pre-assembled and tested. Device easy to position that enables an effective and safe wash up to 4 hours a day.

Technical data
CODE Model Version Pressure "Flow rate" Rpm "Power" "Weight" Maintenance set 500 hrs Maintenance set 1000 hrs
ZX.1040 1450 110/11 F By-pass 110bar 11l/min 1450 3,0hp/2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 33.7kg ZX.50IBG02 ZX.100IBG02
ZX.1040-TS 1450 110/11 F TS Total Stop 110bar 11l/min 1450 3,0hp/2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 34.5kg ZX.50IBG02 ZX.100IBG02
ZX.1042 1450 150/15 F By-pass 150bar 15l/min 1450 5.5hp/4,0 kW (3x400V-50Hz) 36.8kg ZX.50IBG03 ZX.100IBG03
ZX.1042-TS 1450 150/15 F TS Total Stop 150bar 15l/min 1450 5.5hp/4,0kW (3x400V-50Hz) 37.5kg ZX.50IBG03 ZX.100IBG03
ZX.1043 1450 200/15 F By-pass 200bar 15l/min 1450 7.5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz) 46.3kg ZX.50IBG03 ZX.100IBG03
ZX.1043-TS 1450 200/15 F TS Total Stop 200bar 15l/min 1450 7.5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz) 47kg ZX.50IBG03 ZX.100IBG03
Technical data
Motor base made of chromed steel with anti-vibration feet
Professional pump 1450Rpm, crankshaft, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers. Complete with bolt unloader valve and glycerine-filled pressure gauge
Electric motor 1450Rpm 50Hz, IP55 electric box with ON/OFF
circuit breaker switch
Electric cable 5m
Standard equipment
H.p. hose 8m, fittings G3/8" F-F
Professional spray gun, inlet G3/8"M
Professional lance 900mm
H.p. nozzle 25° high resolution
optionals / ZX.1040
Innovative pressure washers