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The perfect solution for car washes. Singolo enables you to optimise the washing system. It offers the possibility to have a perfect wash, simply, quickly and economically. Singolo is the answer for companies who want higher quality in the pressure washing process, with reduced costs and time taken. It is the ideal solution for the car wash.

Technical data
CODE Model Version Pressure Flow rate Rpm Power Weight Maintenance set 500 hrs Maintenance set 1000 hrs
ZX.2783 1450 150/15 By-pass 150bar 15l/min 1450 5,5hp/4,0kW (3x400V-50Hz) 54kg ZX.75IBG08 ZX.150IBG08
ZX.2783-TS 1450 150/15 TS Total Stop 150bar 15l/min 1450 5,5hp/4,0kW (3x400V-50Hz) 56kg ZX.75IBG08 ZX.150IBG08
ZX.2784 1450 150/21 By-pass 150bar 21l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz) 67,5kg ZX.75IBG13 ZX.150IBG13
ZX.2784-TS 1450 150/21 TS Total Stop 150bar 21l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz) 70kg ZX.75IBG13 ZX.150IBG13
Data, tables and pictures are purely indicative. Any changes can be made by the manufacturer without prior notice. 
Technical data
Cover AISI 304 stainless steel 
Professional pump 1450Rpm, crankshaft, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers 
Pressure accumulator to attenuate water hammering 
Brass water inlet filter "Y" shaped 
Electric motor 1450Rpm/50H
Electric panel, equipped with ON/OFF switch and hour meter. 3m electric cable for connection to the module and 5m for connection to the electric power supply 
Dimensions WxLxH: 530 x 450 x 350mm
Standard equipment
H.p. hose 10m with screw quick coupling 
Professional spray gun w/extension
Lance extension 580m
H.p. nozzle 25° angle, high resolution
optionals / ZX.2784
Innovative pressure washers