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BKM mobile 2.0

Air purifier

The advanced technology contained within the BKM® Mobile 2.0 Air Purifier. Make breathing much easier, cleaner and healthier.

This sleek and pocket-sized unit provides the cleanest, freshest air possible.
The ideal solution for:
• hotel rooms
• bedrooms
• cabin boats
• cars 
• bathrooms
• shoe rack
• kitchens
car application
boat application
hotel application
Technical data
CODE Model Color Air volume Effective area Ozone output Noise Power supply Power Car charger
IT.1655-B BMK MOBILE 2.0 black 30m3/h max 25m2 50mg/h max 30Db 100-240V, 50/60Hz 6W DC12V A
IT.1655-W BMK MOBILE 2.0 White 30m3/hrs max 25m2 50mg/h max 30Db 100-240V, 50/60Hz 6W DC12V A
*The tests refer to complete device checks carried out by third parties on the basis of cumulative tests. Results may vary in practice. More than one device may be required depending on environmental conditions.
Technical data
UV-C + Photocatalyst purificatio
It uses aluminum based honeycomb plate coated wih TiO2 catalyst as materials, in the light of 254Nm cold cathode UV lamp, it generates strong catalytic degradation, which effectively degrades the noxious gas in the air (pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC etc).***

Anion purification
Anions are good at getting rid of bacteria and dust. They are considered as “the vitamins in the air”. This product can generate 5 milion anions every second, making the room full of anions, so that people can improve their metabolism and immunity.***ù

Active Oxygen purification
Purification active oxygen is also translated to “Fresh air”, commonly known as ozone.
It can lighten people up; it is good at disinfecting; it can be decomposed to oxygen automatically leaving no pollutants; it has strong power of oxidation
so that it can quickly and radically deodorize air and water. In order
to prevent those who are sensitive from getting uncomfortable, the cycle has particularly been set in the product to lower the overall output of active oxygen. If you want to get rid of bad smell and bacteria in a radical way, then you may choose the absencemode for it to work constantly when you absent. ***
optionals / IT.1655-W
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