Idrosan / ADI

How the system works
When the person passes, the system starts automatically. The whole person who passes between the two semi-arches is involved in the nebulization, from feet to head, without being wet.
The micro drops, 10 micron, penetrate inside the pores of the person's clothes during the passage, promoting the killing of any viruses present
ADI applicazione-2(2)
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Technical data
CODE Modello N° ugelli Pressione Portata Dimensione goccia Azionamenti serbatoio 50L Potenza Dimensioni Peso
ZX.2198 ADI 16 60bar 0,7l/min 10mcr ~450 200W (230V-50Hz) 2000x450x(H)2350 40kg


All the technical and safety information of the product can be consulted in the technical documentation of Idrobase Group S.r.l.
For all the specific precautions and methods of use of the disinfectant/sanitizing, always consult the technical and safety data  sheet of the employed product.
The use of the Adi with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution requires the user to rinse it after use, following the operations indicated in the instruction manual.

Technical data
- 16 nozzles
- 450 drives/50L tank
- 60 bars pressure
Standard equipment
The kit includes:

- n.2 semi-arches in AISI304 with 16 nozzles with diameter ø10mm (no. 8 nozzles for each semi arch)
- pump unit, mono phase electro pump, 60bar, 2 plungers, 0,7l/min
- electric control system with operating time programme
- liquid suction kit from the tank, with float valve for automatic stop
- high-density, 50L, Polythylene tank. Dimension LxWxH: 41x30x45 cm
- h.p polyamide pipe ø9,6mm, rolls of 25m black
- no.2 photocell with pedestal for the activation of the system 
- plastic platform for the connection on the ground of the two semi arches

optionals / ZX.2198
Idro Safe 25L
Idro Safe - 25L. Disinfectant and antibacterial product of medical surgical device grade
Innovative solutions for sanitization and disinfection