Idrosan / SaniFog BIG

SaniFog BIG

Disinfection nebulizer for indoor.

SaniFog Big is a portable nebulizer for indoor disinfection. It is great for offices and shops, bus and ambulances, bars and restaurants, hotel rooms.

Technical data
CODE Model Capacity Medium drop size Spraying rate Voltage Power Dimensions (LxPxH) mm Weight
ZX.2327 SaniFog Big 4,5L 45-60mcr 150-260 ml/min 220-240V 50/60Hz 1400W 430x260x430 4kg
Standard equipment
All the technical and safety information of the product can be consulted in the technical documentation of Idrobase Group S.r.l.
For all specific precautions and methods of use of the disinfectant/sanitizing, always consult the technical and safety data sheet of the employed product. 
The use of the SaniFog Big with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution requires the user to rinse it after use, following the operations indicated in the instruction manual.
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