Idrosan / SaniFog Fisso

SaniFog Fisso

Dosing kit for fog module

The device sends a quantity of product with an adjustable percentage to the water network of the nebulization system. Product mixing percentages as a function of the high pressure pump flow rate
Electrical connections
Prepared for direct connection to the 230V 50-60Hz mains.
Depending on the high pressure system to which it is combined, it can be wired with the same in parallel to the electric motor or by using specific connections on the control panels.
In this way t
Water connections
The kit is designed for direct connection to the filtration inlet with a Tee fitting and relative non-valve return.
Dosing pump characteristics
Max pump flow rate: 0.03 l/min at 7 bar.
Dosage adjustment: 10-100%
Technical data
All the technical and safety information of the product can be consulted in the technical documentation of Idrobase Group S.r.l.
For all specific precautions and methods of use of the disinfectant/sanitizing, always consult the technical and safety data sheet of the employed product.
The use of the SaniFog Fisso with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution requires the user to rinse it after use, following the operations indicated in the instruction manual.
Technical data
It can be combined with Fog Eco, Fog 60, Fog Box, Fog 70 modules, Fog Extra and Humi Extra.
All technical features table 1 table 2
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