Idrotech / Pump unit on ATEX motor

Pump unit on ATEX motor

Pump unit on ATEX motor. Professional motor pump unit pre-assembled and tested complete with: professional electric motor set 1450Rpm, complete with electric IP55 enclosure, thermal magnetic cut-out and 5m electric cable. Crankshaft Pump, 3 ceramic pistons, brass head, integrated unloader valve, stainless steel pressure gauge and inlet water coupling with filter.

Compliant with EU directive
94/9/EC for the control of equipment destined for use in zones subject to the risk of explosion
Technical data
CODE Model Version Pressure Flow rate Power Weight
ZX.MTP0170-A 1450 100/1 F Bypass 100bar 1l/min 1,5hp (3x400V-50Hz) 28kg
Technical data
Professional pump 1450Rpm with 3 ceramic pistons, 100bar, 1l/min
Electric motor 400V, 50Hz, 1,5Hp, 3 phase, 4 pole, IP65
Standard equipment
Components and accessories
ATEX 21 electric motor
Flexible coupling
Coupling housing
HP pump with 3 ceramic pistons
Pressure gauge with glycerine
Unloader valve
optionals / ZX.MTP0170-A
Tailor-made misting systems