Idrotech / FOG APP


Fog module 60bar with 30 and 40 nozzles 230V-50/60Hz

• Can be activated via smartphone
• Silent
• Compact
• Energy-efficient
Technical data
CODE Model *No. of nozzles Pressure Flow rate Power Weight Preventive maintenance 500 hrs (standard) Preventive maintenance 1000 hrs (optional)
ZX.FA1.5 FOG APP 1.5 30 60 bar 1,5l/min 180W (230V-50 Hz) 10kg ZX.50IBG21 ZX.100IBG21
ZX.FA2.0 FOG APP 2.0 40 60 bar 2l/min 250W (230V-50 Hz) 10kg ZX.50IBG21 ZX.100IBG21
Axial pump with 2 ceramic pistons, head in nickel-plated brass, integrated bypass valve, electric motor 1350Rpm
Technical data

Frame made of galvanised painted plate
Electric pump 3 pistons, axial, with brass head
Thermal protection against current surge
Unloader valve
L.p. pressure switch due to lack of water
Solenoid valve l.p. water inlet
Solenoid valve h.p. for pressure discharge
Slip-lock inlet ø9,6mm
Outlet, Slip-Lock ø6,35mm
Instrument panel with 3 touch buttons for: - machine ON/OFF
- Manual mode selection or Bluetooth activation for smartphone control
- Alarms reset for maintenance

Possibility to manage 3 different modes via the app:
- Nonstop: the Fog module works in continuous mode
- Simple mode: selection of days of the week, selection of max 4 time slots, work/pause time selection with min 3s work time and min 15s pause time
- Advanced mode: selection of the days of the week, selection of max 20 time slots, selection of work/pause times customised for each time slot with min 3s work time and min 15s pause time
Dimensions WxLxH: 415 x 250 x 215mm

optionals / ZX.FA1.5
IT0581 Kit Alimentazione idrica
Water supply kit complete with mesh filter and Fog module 3m water connection pipe
ZX2322 Kit analisi durezza
Water hardness analysis kit
10” water inlet kit + 0,2-2% dispenser and pressure stabilizer
7” water inlet kit + sterilizer UV and pressure stabilizer for hard water
7” water inlet kit + sterilizer UV and pressure stabilizer (normal water)
7” water inlet kit complete with pressure stabilizer for hard water
Tailor-made misting systems