Idrotech / Misting Skid system A

Misting Skid system A

Fine dust suppression with washing system. Industrial misting system customized according to specific customer requirements. The system can use incoming well water or tap water. The structure finished on skid (custom structure made of steel) includes all components, electrical and hydraulic connections: so it’s ready for installation. The skid may be provided with a cover for outdoor use.

Technical data
CODE Misting - Flow rate Misting - Operating pressure Washing circuit - Flow rate Washing circuit - Operating pressure Dimensions (LxDxH) mm Weight
Model 12 l/min 12l/min 70bar 110l/min 1bar 2200x1600x1850 700kg
Model 6 l/min 6l/min 70bar 110l/min 1bar 2200x1600x1850 700kg
Technical data
Palletized frame for handling with forklift, painted by electrophoresis, with lifting hooks and mounting brackets
Submersible pump water inlet
Stainless steel centrifugal filter
Multifilters 20” for inlet water pre-filtering tank (stainless steel or galvanized painted steel) with four 100micron washable cartridges
Polyethylene tank according to the needs of the client 300, 500, 1000 or 3000 liters
Tank with level sensor for water level control
Three-stage filtering system 20” for pre-filtering input module  frod (polypropylene or stainless steel) with flush cartridges 10-5-1micron
70bar pump module (made of galvanized steel with stainless steel or painted steel cover)
Electrical panel designed according to the customer’s needs
Shut-off solenoid valves for control of different fogging lines with scheduled operations
optionals / Model 12 l/min
Tailor-made misting systems