Idrotech / Fog 70 Basico

Fog 70 Basico

The top of industrial nebulization. Designed to cool, create fog effects, humidify, suppress dust and odours in any type and size of application and in particular in industrial sites, construction sites, electric power stations, greenhouses and animal breeding farms. Suitable for aggressive environments or areas that envisage the use of reverse osmosis water or corrosive chemical solutions.
Ideal for the food and storage industries.

Fog module 70bar from 12 to 470 nozzles 50Hz and 60Hz

New safety system:
in the event of pipe breakage on the fog nozzle lines, the system automatically shuts down to prevent flooding where the lines are installed

Detail of the hydraulic connections
Basico 70bar Fog module, detail of the remote coupling for the connection of external devices such as a thermostat, humidistat or other
Optional, With Idrobase inlet water kit: 2-year warranty
Recommended anti-ice kit
Technical data
CODE Model No. of nozzles Pressure Flow rate Power Weight
ZX.F70B01 FOG 70 BASICO-1 12* 70bar 1l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B02 FOG 70 BASICO-2 23* 70bar 2l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B04 FOG 70 BASICO-4 45* 70bar 4l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B06 FOG 70 BASICO-6,5 75* 70bar 6,5l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B08 FOG 70 BASICO-8 90* 70bar 8l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B11 FOG 70 BASICO-11 125* 70bar 11l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B11-60 FOG 70 BASICO-11/60 145* 70bar 11,9l/min 2hp (3x400V-60Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70B13 FOG 70 BASICO-13 150* 70bar 13l/min 3hp (3x400V-50Hz) 61,3kg
ZX.F70B15 FOG 70 BASICO-15 170* 70bar 15l/min 3hp (3x400V-50Hz) 61,5kg
ZX.F70B15-60 FOG 70 BASICO-15/60 200* 70bar 15,7l/min 3hp (3x400V-60Hz) 61,5kg
ZX.F70B18 FOG 70 BASICO-18 205* 70bar 18l/min 4hp (3x400V-50Hz) 66,5kg
ZX.F70B21 FOG 70 BASICO-21 235* 70bar 21l/min 4hp (3x400V-50Hz) 66,5kg
ZX.F70B21-60 FOG 70 BASICO-21/60 285* 70bar 21,6l/min 4hp (3x400V-60Hz) 66,5kg
ZX.F70B26 FOG 70 BASICO-26 290* 70bar 26l/min 5,5hp (3x400V-50Hz) 80,5kg
ZX.F70B33 FOG 70 BASICO-33 370* 70bar 33l/min 8,5hp (3x400V-50Hz) 98,5kg
ZX.F70B42 FOG 70 BASICO-42 470* 70bar 42l/min 8,5hp (3x400V-50Hz) 98,5kg
ZX.F70SS-11 FOG 70 BASICO-11 SS 125* 70bar 11l/min 2hp (3x400V-50Hz) 58kg
ZX.F70SS-15 FOG 70 BASICO-15 SS 170* 70bar 15l/min 3hp (3x400V-50Hz) 63,5kg
ZX.F70SS-21 FOG 70 BASICO-21 SS 235* 70bar 21l/min 4hp (3x400V-50Hz) 66,5kg
* The highest number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate factor 20 (0,089l/min) at 70bar
Technical data
Frame in galvanised steel with painted cover or stainless steel enclosure
HP pump with crankshaft, 3 pistons,
brass head (standard version),
stainless steel AISI 316 L head (SS version).
Electric motor 1450Rpm
Electric motor
 1450Rpm, 3x400V-50Hz or60Hz, S1
Unloader valve, brass (standard version), in AISI 316L stainless steel (SS version)
Pressure gauge with glycerine in AISI 304 stainless steel
LP solenoid valve 24 V-50/60Hz inlet water, brass body (standard version), AISI 316L stainless steel body (SS version)
HP solenoid valve 24 V-50/60Hz for line pressure discharge, brass body (standard version), AISI 316L stainless steel body (SS version)
LP pressure switch lack of water
Electric board complete with: ON/OFF
thermal cutout switch, remote control switch, fuses, electrical transformer 380/220/24V. Ready to be connected to an external device (thermostat, humidistat and other)
Dimensions WxLxH: 780 x 450 x 500mm
optionals / ZX.F70B01
Protect your misting system from ice This device has been designed to automate the emptying process of the spray lines during particularly cold periods. Simply connect the anti-ice kit to your fog module and to a compressed air line. Thanks to the thermostat in the system, when the temperature drops below the set value, the fog line emptying system is activated. This prevents the formation of ice in the circuit.
Water inlet kit 10" complete with pressure stabiliser and Dosatron 0,2 - 2% Complete with 1micron cartridge,wall fixing bracket and tightening spanner
Tailor-made misting systems