Idrotech / Fog 70 IC Ambiente

Fog 70 IC Ambiente

Multiline fogging system with variable flow rate 1x230V-50Hz

The environment you desire. Air conditioning, humidifying, dust suppression, aromatization, fog effects. Fog 70 IC Ambiente is a multi-zone fogging system designed as an all inclusive solution, all fully assembled and set up ready to work immediately. A leap forward in quality in the sector of civil and industrial cooling.

Multiline variable flow rate fogging system
Detail of Dosatron dispenser
Detail of water filtering and sterilisation system
Detail of the MASTER panel and SLAVE panel placed on IC AMBIENTE 70 multi-line fog system
Technical data
CODE Model Nozzles min - max Pressure Flow rate min-max Power absorption Weight
ZX.ICM406 IC AMBIENTE 70 M4-6 30 - 120* 70bar 1,4 - 5.6l/min 2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 165kg
ZX.ICM411 IC AMBIENTE 70 M4-11 60 - 230* 70bar 2,7 - 11l/min 2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 165kg
ZX.ICM806 IC AMBIENTE 70 M8-6 30 - 120* 70bar 1,4 - 5.6l/min 2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 182kg
ZX.ICM811 IC AMBIENTE 70 M8-11 60 - 230* 70bar 2,7 - 11l/min 2,2kW (1x230V-50Hz) 182kg
* The highest number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate factor 015 (0.046l/min) at 70bar
Technical data
High pressure, professional pump with an electric motor controlled by variable frequency drive system.
MASTER electric panel.
SLAVE electric panel. (OPTIONAL) a SLAVE panel is added to control further lines (max 4 lines each SLAVE panel)
Dosing unit
Water filtering kit
Low pressure and high pressure hydraulic circuit, composed of: solenoid valves, unloader valve, pressure transducer for the control and safety of the system
Dimensions WxLxH: 560 x 265 x 400mm
optionals / ZX.ICM406
Tailor-made misting systems