Idrotech / FOG EXTRA


Fog module 60bar 230V-50Hz

Compact and versatile The most compact and versatile solution to cool, create fog effects, humidify, suppress dust and odours in small and medium sized areas. Wide variety of accessories and types of line matchable as required for use in a wide range of applications. The new control panel allows for quick and accurate setting of the work times and management of the connected optional probes.

Fog Extra Controls

• Humidstat standard
• Thermostat standard
• Display interface
• Cyclical ON/OFF timer
• Weekly time slot programmer
• Hour counter and maintenance schedule
• Pre-setting for remote connection
• Pre-setting for connection of 230V ventilation systems
Electrical connections
for humidity ZX.SU20 and temperature ZX.ST20 probes
Slip-Lock connectors
for water inlet ø9.6mm and water outlet ø6.35mm.
Outside air intake for motor pump unit cooling
Control panel
Technical data
CODE Model *No. of nozzles Max pressure Flow rate Power Weight Axial pump
ZX.FL-05 FOG EXTRA-05 10 60 bar 0,5l/min 1250W (1x230V-50Hz) 15kg with 2 pistons
ZX.FL-1 I FOG EXTRA-1 20 60 bar 1l/min 200W (1x230V-50Hz) 15kg with 2 pistons
ZX.FL-2 FOG EXTRA-2 40 60 bar 2l/min 720W (1x230V-50Hz) 30kg with 3 pistons
Axial pump with 2 ceramic pistons, head in nickel-plated brass, integrated bypass valve, electric motor 1350rpm

Axial motor pump with three ceramic-coated steel pistons, brass head, integrated by-pass valve, electric motor 1450rpm.

* The max number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate factor 15 (0.047l/min) at 60bar

FOG EXTRA is compatible with:
Vento Kit ZX.KV2-20, ZX.KV4-20, ZX.KV2-18, ZX.KV4-18, ZX.KV2-360, ZX.KV4-360, and ZX.KV2-P Linea Kit ZX.KL10, ZX.KL20, ZX.KL30 and ZX.KL40
Technical data

-Frame made of painted steel
-Unloader valve
-LP solenoid valve 230V-50Hz, inlet water
-H.p. solenoid valve 230V-50Hz, to discharge line pressure
-Electrical panel complete with:ON/OFF thermal cutout, electronic board for management of anti-drip and timer system
-Slip-lock inlet ø9.6mm
-Outlet, Slip-Lock ø6.35mm
-H. p. switch for no water supply and pipe breaks 
-Dimensions WxLxH: 600 x 300 x 300mm

optionals / ZX.FL-1 I
Tailor-made misting systems